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Arteriovenous sinusoid and capillary branch

A section from the lateral or equatorial aspect of the trophoblast, together with its arteriovenous sinusoid and capillary branch, the latter supplying the adjacent part of the embryo with blood. This fortunate plane of section makes it possible to visualize clearly the relation between these large sinusoids and the trophoblast. This capillary does not communicate with the trophoblast lacunae in this section, but does so in the adjacent one. In the lower left-hand corner there are also irregular syncytiotrophoblastic vacuoles that have not, as yet, coalesced with the remainder of the lacunar network.

Fig. 32. Hertig and Rock, 1941.

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Keywords: arteriovenous sinusoid, capillary branch, lacunar network, syncytiotrophoblastic vacuole, trophoblast, trophoblast lacunae

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.