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ARTICLES - Introduction

Use the articles in this section to take a deeper look at variety of issues associated with health promotion, substance abuse, and environmental exposures.

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During the amazingly complex events of early human development, body systems quickly emerge at a surprisingly young age and small size. From fertilization through old age, health is enhanced through proper nutrition and exercise. Likewise, health is impaired by exposure to toxins including those from substance abuse. Because the prenatal period is a time of preparation, making wise choices from the start can help promote a lifetime of health.


alcohol, drinking, wineWorldwide, addictive drugs pose significant health problems to society, as substances from nicotine to cocaine abound. Health teachers, doctors, and politicians decry these substances as harmful, while some professionals argue that they actually have beneficial merits. Researchers routinely prove addictive drugs harmful, and almost all scientists agree that drugs damage children and should be avoided during pregnancy. Some of the following information may surprise you.


teenagers, city Air pollution, mercury, and lead are all pervasive public health and environmental threats in the United States, which everyone should be aware of. Read EHD's environmental exposure articles and find out how these dangers can effect you and what you can do to live a safer, healthier life.