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Prenatal Development Article - What are the Features?

Screenshot showing how to print this help file.The Prenatal Development Article has a variety of Features for you to explore including quizzes, movies, and images. This page will explain how to get the most out of this article. To print this help page click "File" on the top left of this page and scroll down and click "Print" (as seen in the picture to the right).

Prenatal Navigational Menus:

Screenshot showing the Development Article Navigation Bar

There are two ways to navigate through the Prenatal Development Article. The first way is by using the menu at the left of each page. The second way is by using the menu that is at the bottom of each page (as shown above). To use this menu just click on the part of the article you are interested in reading on the menu and it will take you to that page. For example if you wanted to read "The First Week" you would click that on the menu and it would take you to that page.

Movie Help:

Screenshot showing the mouse click the Play Movie link Movie Box On each of the "Prenatal Development Article" pages you will find movie boxes like the one shown to the left. Each of these movie boxes contain many features. First, to play each movie click on the "Play Movie" button as shown to the right and the movie will play. This will open a new movie in Flash format and the DVD clip that is shown will play. In the unlikely event the movie does not play you may need to download the Flash Player. Each of these movies goes with the surrounding text so you can watch what was just described in the article. Also as shown in the picture to the left if you drag your mouse cursor over the picture a yellow box will pop up that has more information about what the picture shows and what the movie is about. When playing the movies be sure to turn up your speakers so you can hear the audio for each movie as well! Also in each movie box you will notice a "See Labels" button. This will be described more in the section below.

The See Labels Button:

Screenshot showing the mouse click the See Labels link When you click on the "See Labels" button as shown to the left, or the image thumbnail itself (shown in the previous section), it will open a page that has an image gallery for the movie that is shown. If you where to click the "See Labels" button for the "3 Billion Base Pairs" movie in the section above it would bring a new page. On this new page you would see all the images that have to do with the selected movie. If you click on any of these images it will bring up a new page with a labeled version of the picture that tells you what each structure in the picture is. On this new page there is also an option that lets you remove the labels if you choose to do so. Check out our Image Gallery help page if you need more help working with the Image Gallery.

Screenshot showing the Test Your knowledge selection box

Test Your Knowledge :

On every "Prenatal Development Article" page you will notice a "Test Your Knowledge" box at the bottom of each page. These contain quizzes that test your knowledge on the information in the current unit. There are two types of quizzes found here "Text Only" quizzes and "Visual" quizzes. The text only quizzes are multiple choice text based questions. The visual quizzes are multiple choice questions that are about a specific image. To get to the "Text Only" quizzes click the blue "Text Only" link and to get to the "Visual" quizzes click the blue "Visual" link. Check out our Quiz help page if you need more help with these quizzes.